How to Start A Kettle Corn Business

Tips on running your own kettle corn business

Starting a kettle corn business is a great idea for several reasons. The business requires low start-up costs and the variety of available venues provides great choices. This can be a full-time or part-time opportunity. The places that are serviced by this business include concerts, stock shows, rodeos, parks, festivals and beaches.

These are only a few because there are other opportunities including providing the service at themed birthday parties, school events and church functions.

My Kettle Corn Business Tips

Tip 1 – Research

Do the research. Look at the information on the Internet to get an overview of what the business is about and what it takes to be successful. There is quite a bit of information on the kettle corn business and a recommended guide is this one by WickedDelicious.

Tip 2 – Make A Business Plan

A kettle corn business plan cannot be excluded in the important steps necessary to have a successful business. If you are in the dark regarding a business plan, begin with a template. Choose one that allows you to fill in the blanks. This means the form can be tailored to your specific information.

Tip 3 – Permits, Licenses and Insurance

Starting a kettle corn business begins with the permits, licenses and insurance. The first priority will be to get your permit from the local health department. Apply for this permit and file your DBA license at the same time for the county in which you reside.

In addition, you will need commercial liability insurance. This will be for your vehicle and the trailer that you will need for the equipment. The equipment required is as follows:

  • Kettle corn poppers
  • Trailer
  • Pans
  • Propane tanks
  • Sink

The permits, license and insurance are needed to begin your business properly. The permits may vary depending on your state and geographic location. For instance, you may need the food permit, the vendor permit and a business permit to cover all the required areas. It is very important to contact your local health department and business organizations to find out exactly what is required from you.

Tip 4 – Equipment, Supplies and Ingredients

This can be handled one of two ways. Leased or purchased equipment is available in a complete kettle corn trailer package. In some cases, the price is under $10,000. Search the Internet for what may be available from the different companies leasing equipment. Search the Internet to acquire your equipment in less expensive ways such as eBay offers. Include the purchase of a tent that should be at least 10’ x 10’ for the venues.

Purchase the ingredients that you will need for the business. Depending on whether you are doing this full-time or part-time, determine how much of the ingredients you will need for a serious beginning.

Supplies and ingredients include the things you will need to run the business and make the products. The list below is a good example of those items.

  • Safety gear – goggles, long-sleeved shirts,  gloves, aprons and facemasks
  • Uniforms
  • Plastic bags, sifting bin and a corn scooper
  • A fire extinguisher, propane tanks, paper towels and a hand-washing station
  • Wooden paddles, a cash drawer and cleaning products
  • Ingredients (popcorn, oil, flavoring, etc.)

While this is not the end-all list for the supplies and ingredients, it is a beginning. You may need to vary this list based on your individual needs for the business.

Check recipes and vary these according to your tastes. Consumers will also do taste tests for you. You will have the opportunity to experiment with variations on your product before you find the one that works the best. Or, you could end up with several featured tastes for the consumers.

Tip 5 – Marketing Your Kettle Corn Business and Selling Products

Begin by setting up shop at the various venues mentioned above to begin your new adventure. Check your local newspaper to see the various opportunities available. Network with other business owners to initiate a business-to-business relationship.

Vendors are great sources to begin these relationships to help spread the word of your new business. Advertise in several venues as well. From the local paper to the web, you have several choices. If your budget is tight, start with at least one venue and work your way up to adding other avenues.

The kettle corn business is a great opportunity for a new business venture. This business is definitely less costly than many other new business opportunities on the  market. The great thing about this business is the number of venues that you have open to you to set up shop, from the festivals and art shows to the school functions and various community events. Take a look at this opportunity because it could be just what you are looking for.

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