Planning the Foundation of a Successful Mobile Catering Business

Planning is an essential part to any business. From my own research and inside view on the concession industry, the mobile catering entrepreneurs who succeed are the ones who prepare and plan their business thoroughly.

Without a plan and strategy in place you can’t do anything. You can’t set clear objectives; you can’t work out the financial requirement and you’ll find it much more difficult to get funding as lending institutions such as banks require at least a basic business plan.

A huge mistake that many new mobile caterers make is starting a mobile food business often spending thousands of their hard earned money without a even knowing where they will trade from, how they will attract custom or even what they will sell. They may get lucky and survive in the short term but over a matter of months, their business will fail due to mounting expenses and debt repayments.

The truly successful mobile catering business owners spend a significant amount of time planning their success and making sure they have everything organized such as the legal process to obtain their trading pitch, the look of their concession stand and / or where to source cheap supplies and used concession trailers cheaply to maximize profits and reduce expenses.

To be able to plan successfully, you must educate yourself as much as possible and read more about the industry. Learn as much as possible about the road ahead and prepare for business professionally by reading up on the best methods to used. Almost everything can be set out and planned before even purchasing any catering equipment and having a written plan will most likely determine the feat of your financial success.

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