Tips for Buying Manufactured Concession Trailers

This post will outline some ways in which you can find manufactured concession trailers for sale at low prices. Here are some tips for buying concession trailers:

  • A good place to start is using local directories and the internet. Many people collect catalogs so they can compare. Shop for specific designs and options that are important to you, as well as quality, value, service, warranty and delivery schedule.
  • Once you have selected a manufacturer, before you order your concession trailer, use a copy of the trailer floor plan and sketch in your equipment, counters, sinks, water tanks, and storage space. Take your time and have fun. It is much easier to correct mistakes or make other changes in your plans when done in pencil, than it will be later when done in stainless steel.
  • By making several sketches of the interior design of your intended trailer you will develop a clear vision of what your trailer, equipment and operational needs are. You will be able to decide which interior systems you are skilled and willing enough to install yourself, and which you will want to purchase as an option.
  • Once you have ordered your trailer from a manufacturer, they will manufacture it with the options you selected. After delivery, you can either install the equipment you need yourself or the manufacturer can install it for you. If you plan to spend the time shopping for equipment while you are waiting for your trailer to be built, be sure to have full spec sheets of every detail of your trailer. As you shop for equipment you will need to know the exact dimensions of the allotted space in which it will be squeezed. In designing the layout of the interior you will be trying to squeeze utility out of every possible inch of space.

Many vendors are of the opinion that manufacturer trailers have a generic appearance, lacking in character. This is true of any booth that is lacking in distinctive signs, attractive menu boards and colorful skirting. With imagination any booth can be decorated to reflect your personality and inform the public that you are serious about what you do. The apparent craftsmanship of these trailers implies to the public that your product and service are of equal quality.

New manufactured concession trailers are not cheap. Most concessionaires opt to get a few years of experience and develop a solid line up of events before they invest in a brand new manufactured concession trailer. If you are on a strict budget, check out ourĀ used concession trailer section for some bargains.

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