How to Get a Good Catering Pitch

Getting your mobile food business into profitable catering pitches and events IS the make or break of your business. It’s just that simple. It is the most important thing for a catering business which is why you should be spending a lot of time acquiring the most suitable pitch for yourself.

Being able to get into high earning pitches and events and attract customers to your mobile catering stand is the most powerful skill you could ever learn in this business. Without getting a good catering pitch and attracting some money spending customers you’re going to be dead in your tracks. Some of the things you should be thinking about when looking for a pitch:

  • The number of people that go past the area every day. Obviously a higher footfall is better as it means that there will be more potential to attract customers.
  • Amenities and services in the surrounding area. If there are 5 places selling food in the area, what can you do to make people buy from you? Is it worth setting up in an area that sells the same food as you?
  • Attractions. Look for places that attract tourists and people. For example, places like parks, beaches and basketball courts are places where people like to buy food.
  • If there are entertainment events in your local area, try to find out if you can set up nearby as this will most certainly be a good pitch.

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