How to Increase Customers to Your Concession Business

Learning to market your catering trailer business and attracting customers has by far the highest leverage in your mobile catering food sales. Listen, Consider gravity. We can’t see it but it’s a force that surrounds us and keeps us from floating into space. As a result of gravity, if you hold something in your hands and then let go, it will fall to the ground. It’s a natural law of the universe.

Gravity doesn’t care if you don’t like it or don’t know that it exists. It just works. It’s just like the proven marketing principles in the mobile food business, they work whether you know about them and use them, or not.

One simple but highly effective marketing principle is creating an ongoing relationship with paying customers. There are a number of ways you can create relationships with your paying customers such as:

  • Starting conversation with them about things in general
  • Remembering their first name
  • Remembering their preferences and food orders
  • Offering special deals

Many mobile catering entrepreneurs underestimate the value of the relationships they have with their existing customers and the value in being able to market to them. You will always make more money from a continuing relationship than you will with a one off customer, so who’s better to market than the customer who just ate at your outlet.

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