Pizza Concession Trailers

Pizza concession trailers are one of the highest earning food trailer businesses, because of the higher value items sold at them.

A typical pizza from concession trailers can cost over $5, whereas trailers in other food categories, such as - drinks and ice cream, are much lower priced items. This means, that selling pizzas has a greater potential to earn more, as selling 100 pizzas could equate to more than $500 total revenue in one day, not counting cross sell opportunities such as drinks.

Running your own pizza concession trailer is fun and rewarding as well as a long term sustainable business. There are many new and used pizza trailers available ad discounted prices online.

20' Food Truck Concession Trailer Mobile Kitchen Set Up For Pizza
20' Food Truck Concession Trailer Mobile Kitchen Set Up For Pizza
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Raking in the dough with Pizza Concession Trailers

Everybody loves pizza! And pizza concession trailers can be major income producers for their owners. An article in Pizza Magazine dubs them 'Portable Pizzerias'.

Small to medium operations using pizza concession trailers may either target a permanent location in a partner business' parking lot, or focus on being a food vendor at - arts and crafts shows, flea markets, swap meets, farmers markets, festivals, car shows, sporting, county fairs, and private parties.

A typical unit for this type of operation is about 7 ft x 14 ft, made from fiberglass, and is totally self-contained and designed to be pulled around by a regular half-ton truck.

It will normally have two service windows, for serving customers, and counter space ample for making pizza dough and laying out pizzas. There will be a freezer and at least one refrigerator (and probably two). There are usually two stackable ovens, that can run on propane, and most owners will invest in a generator to keep on hand, so that they do not risk a loss of power. Trailers of this size normally have a 20-25 gallon tank for gray water and another of the same size for fresh water. And do not forget the air conditioner. You will never want to work a pizza unit, without one. With these types of setups, you can make pizza anywhere!

Of course, pizza concession trailers are only part of the picture, since you have to come up with your own recipe for extra-special pizza dough and toppings. Most operators choose to make small individual pizzas instead of large pizzas. This keeps the pizzas fresh and they cook faster. Using the counter space in the typical unit above, you could design a staging area to pre-make pizzas, so that you can quickly produce pizzas during a rush. If you are at a large event, it would make sense to pre-make dozens of pizzas (you can do this at home the night before) and freeze them, adding the toppings and sauce at the event before popping them in the oven. With two ovens, you should be able to cook up to 150 individual pizzas per hour.

You will be looking for fast turnover and volume in order to make a profit for yourself. Donít have too many different menu options and oddball pricing. Keep it simple! Add sales tax to your prices and round it off, so that you are not dealing with lots of change, and pennies.

The most popular pizza toppings are - pepperoni, cheese, deluxe (you decide what this is), meat-lovers and ham/pineapple. You should be able to price your individual pizzas between $4.50 to $6 (more or less, depending on where you live and the competition) and offer brand name sodas and bottled water.

Slap your pizza on a simple styrofoam plate, hand the customer a napkin, and youíre done!