BBQ Concession Trailers

Barbeque (BBQ) concession trailers are a unique type of trailer, which will allow you to create a barbeque food business.

The main feature of this type, is that it has a BBQ grill built into the trailer suitable for a great outdoor food service. Unlike most concession stands, a BBQ trailer is also mobile so it is easily portable should you require a change of pitch. There are many types of Barbeque concession trailers and most of them will contain a closed top so that even when if it rains, your food service is minimally affected.

In short, BBQ concession trailers represent the perfect investment for producing a long term income stream from a food service that everyone will appreciate. No culinary skills are necessary but quality of food should be kept in mind as it could bring many loyal and repeat customers. Starting your own BBQ concession trailer business can be fun and enjoyable.

Hot New Niche: BBQ Concession Trailers

Everybody loves Barbeque! BBQ Concession Trailers are a hot new niche, that can easily put money in your pocket. The smell of fresh barbecue will attract a devoted customer base to your business all year long.

BBQ Concession Trailers have built-in grills, that allow grilling of a wide range of foods, depending on what is most popular in your area of the country.

In Hawaii, the North Shore of Oahu is renowned for classic surfing spots and seasonally high waves. Dotting the North Shore are BBQ Concession Trailers, that serve up - steaming hot 'huli huli chicken', a Hawaiian favorite of marinated slow-cooking chicken, fresh corn on the cob grown at local farms, and jumbo prawns harvested from fresh water ponds.

When driving throughout the Southern USA, you will undoubtedly come across BBQ Concession Trailers featuring - piping hot pulled pork, chicken, baby back ribs, along with favorite menu items like - baked beans, cole slaw, and Southern sweet tea.

No matter where you live, BBQ Concession Trailers can be a lucrative investment and money-making opportunity. At a minimum, concession trailers should have sliding windows for you to serve customers, storage areas and drawers for small utensils and supplies, a 3-compartment sink and a hand sink, accessible hot and cold water, refrigerator for cold food storage, grill and range hood.

There are also portable rotisserie smokers, that can be purchased for brick-and-mortar restaurants, who want to offer barbequed items on their menus. These rotisserie smokers can also be hooked up to the back of BBQ Concession Trailers for slow-cooking smoked meats.

When you are looking for a regular location for your BBQ Concession Trailer, consider partnering with a local business, that has a large parking lot. A mall, shopping center, hardware store, and grocery store are some of the options for a partnership. Many of these types of businesses may be interested in renting a portion of their parking lots to your business, and can benefit from the customer base you attract. You can run cross-promotions between your businesses – you could offer moneysaving coupons, if they shop at your partner store, and the store can hand out discount coupons for your barbeque.

Wherever you locate, be sure that you are close to a highway and drive-by traffic. There’s nothing, that will attract drivers more, than BBQ-scented puffs of smoke wafting from your concession trailer. The scene of happy eaters wolfing down your prized BBQ meat as they sit around your trailer, is bound to have people turning into the parking lot to find out more about you.