Food Concession Trailers

Food concession trailers fill a huge demand in the market for food and drinks at outdoor events such as festivals and fairs. The concession business is one of few which has survived for centuries and has recently exploded as an billion dollar industry which has been kept under wraps for a long time.

Despite being a little known niche area, the ease at which anyone can set up their own food concession business is one of the most lucrative reasons to get into this industry.

This industry is suited to business savvy entrepreneurs who are looking for a fun and enjoyable business with travelling prospects along with long term growth.

New and used concession trailers can be bought at auctions for a fraction of their retail price and most of them are already set up and ready for business.

There are a variety of different types of food concession trailers available for sale. Our store features several of these at the lowest prices and you can find them using the links below:

Important Steps to Making Money with Food Concession Trailers

Food concession trailers can be an excellent money-making venture for the creative entrepreneur. So called 'fast food', served up quickly at a convenient location, has become an important part of the American culture, and food concession trailers can provide the small business owner with a steady source of income. Here are 5 Easy Steps to beginning your concession trailer business:

1. Choose the food, that you want to sell. There are food concession trailers available on the market for just about any type of food – hot dogs, barbecue, ice cream and pizza. There are even trailers, that can be customized to any special need you have. Perhaps there is an ethnic, or regional food, that you think may be a good sales prospect for you. Start making a list of the possible foods you could sell, and then go over each option in comparison to your experience making or selling it, and what you think the market is for it. Check out the competition for the type of food you want to offer and visit the competition to see what their operation is like.

2. Location, location, location. There is no doubt about it. Your location will make, or break your food concession business. It’s best, if you can locate your trailer at a regular site, that the public will become familiar with – large shopping center parking lot, beach location, industrial area to grab workers on their lunch hour. You can probably think of other key locations near you. Another option, is to focus on specialty events such as - fairs, carnivals, parades, farmers’ markets. Whichever choice you make – regular location or specialty events – it is important to be consistent with the quality of your food and to have regular hours, that customers can count on.

3. Look for good quality equipment. One of the benefits of having a food concession trailer business, is that the up-front equipment cost and operating costs are far less, than they would be if you were opening a restaurant storefront. And the fact, that you can easily move all of your equipment from one location to another, is a huge attraction for many business owners. Do not discount the possibility of beginning with a good quality used food concession trailer. If you are on a tight start-up budget, you can begin with a used trailer to reserve as much cash as possible for your other operating needs. If you are able to get low-cost financing to buy a trailer, then your options are wide open and you will be able to choose freely between the best available trailers on the market.

4. Make It Legal, Keep It Safe. Food service is a highly-regulated business. Because of the possibility of food-borne illnesses, local governments will usually require owners of food concession trailers to have a business license, health permits and regular inspections, and ongoing training of employees in food safety procedures. These requirements may seem excessive at first, but they are in place for public safety and will keep the business owner safe from liability. A well-run food concession business will always attract and keep more customers!