Mobile Concession Trailers

Mobile concession trailers usually refer to a mobile kitchen, which can be used to freshly prepare food for clients at any location and are usually seen at fairs and festivals.

The main advantage of mobile concession trailers is, that they can move to different locations quickly and easily. This gives a huge competitive edge over rivals with stationary vending stands, because they are able to reach more customers.

Mobile concession trailers enable serious entrepreneurs to deliver a great quality service every time, no matter where they go.

On the move with Mobile Concession Trailers

Mobile Concession Trailers are the premier movable food service businesses. If you are serious about making a living in the mobile food service industry, you must consider investing in a mobile concession trailer.

Mobile Concession Trailers are also known as mobile kitchens, and have all of the accoutrements for preparing fresh food, wherever they go. They usually offer a wide assortment of menu items and are a mini-restaurant on wheels.

Unless you are looking for a used unit, most manufacturers of mobile concession trailers have standard equipment offerings and can customize your unit before it is made, if your needs are unusual.

Most mobile concession trailers have the following standard equipment - stainless steel back walls, fire suppression systems, 3 compartment sinks, mop sinks, floor sinks, hand sinks, hot water heaters, aluminum flooring, heavy duty metal doors, stainless steel exhaust hoods, and fluorescent lighting.

Depending on the type of food you will be cooking and serving, mobile concession trailers can be outfitted with the following unique equipment items - vegetable steamers, kettles, convection ovens, char broilers, reach in refrigerators and freezers, custom or adjustable shelving, grills, slicers, pizza ovens, tilt skillets, fryers, stoves, steam tables, work tables, hot carts, mixers and roasting ovens.

Successful entrepreneurs have strategically placed their mobile kitchens at large sporting events, county fairs, conventions and concerts, concentrating their focus on high impact, high attendance events. Others have opted for quasi-permanent sites, that guarantee them a steady income stream 24 hour food service at large industrial sites such as - shipyards, industrial plants, industrial parks, manufacturing plants. Thousands of on site workers can ensure, that your mobile kitchen will be serving up lots of breakfasts, plate lunches and dinners.

Many owners of mobile concession trailers are able to make back their initial investment in the first 3-6 months of operation. It is not easy work; it can often be long and tiring hours of being on your feet in a hot, tight space. But, there are many success stories of entrepreneurs, who have survived and thrived, because they sacrificed for a year, or two, under less than ideal conditions to build up their profits, and expand into other moneymaking ventures, including buying additional mobile concession trailers.

Finding the ideal high traffic location is the priority for profitability. The second priority is keeping overhead low. Many entrepreneurs have made the operation of their mobile food business a family affair, with husbands and wives working as a team with teenage children and other relatives, as backups or weekend workers. Employing family members, can give you favorable income tax breaks, that your accountant can tell you more about.