Concession Carts

Concession carts are used in the concession business frequently sometimes alongside or instead of concession trailers.

They are small and portable, and some of the main advantages of them are that they are less expensive than concession trailers, and can also be used for multi-purposes (i.e. a concession stand selling Hotdogs, can easily be converted to one selling burgers or cold drinks).

In most cases, they also look better and attract more attention from the public. Their ease of mobility, means there is more chance of increasing profits, because you will be able to move locations during the day to get more customers. You can find many affordable concession carts for sale online.

concession cart
concession cart
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Custom Concession Cart and Trailer
Custom Concession Cart and Trailer
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Concession Carts: Mini Moneymakers

Concession carts are the little darlings of the mobile food vending industry. It takes a smaller monetary investment to get started, they are easier to move around and can fit in small venues, and you can often use them for different food service options depending on where you are selling for the day.

Maximizing profits is the goal of every business, and making the best use of space, is the key to driving your profits with concession carts. Mobile concession carts and kiosks are often seen at malls, tradeshows, county fairs and festivals, sporting events, flea markets, and grand openings, but can also be contracted out for private parties and company picnics. Presentation of your product is important for attracting customers to your cart, so make sure that the design of your cart allows for display space and extra point of sale items that can raise your revenue.

Many concession carts have multi-purpose uses. For instance, beverage and ice cream carts can be used to sell prepackaged ice cream and popsicles, along with sodas and bottled water, and even coffee. Food and snack carts can be used for hot dogs, popcorn and prepackaged cotton candy, pretzels, simple fruit and vegetable salads, along with sodas and bottled water. Retail merchandise units can be used for dry goods such as - candies and cookies, flowers or other retail items. Depending on the location of your cart, you could increase your sales with point of sale items such as unique T-shirts, newspapers, and small gift items for tourists.

There are also custom concession carts, that can be designed to your specifications. There are even 'churros carts', to allow you to sell those delectable doughy desserts from Mexico, that are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, and with fillings ranging from fruits, to Bavarian crème to chocolate, cinnamon, or your own secret recipes.

It is vital, that you decide upfront what you want to sell and where you want to place your cart. List down all of the possibilities and then do some research by going to the nearest mall, and seeing what carts, or kiosks are already there. Or attending some festivals and sporting events to scout out the competition.

Choosing high traffic venues and low cost products to sell are the 'perfect storm' for generating a steady income from these mini moneymakers. Many operators have worked their concession carts alone for a period of time, before using their profits to invest in additional carts, that they contract with others to operate, or simply rent out for a day, or week at a time.